Welcome to The Citadel!

Thanks so much for taking the initiative to learn about our ministry, The Citadel Of Hope Worship Center. Our prayer for you through this process is that God will speak to you—to deepen your passion for Jesus Christ, to connect your life to the people and the mission of our church, and to reveal to you the unique role that you will play as a “teammate” on the mission with us.

Church Membership matters! The Bible says in Romans 12:5 that we are “members of one another”. That means that we are dependent on one another for spiritual growth in Christ. Members at Citadel are those who have obediently accepted the responsibility to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ together and to help others to do the same. Christ-followers are to live this out in the context of honest and authentic relationships with others in the body of Christ. Members are also teammates who have accepted the challenge to own the mission of our local church.

We thank God for you and we are excited to walk through this process together with you. If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to call: 973-932-0013 or e-mail: chwcministry@gmail.com. We look forward to getting to know you.